Tuesday, 1 May 2007

officially sanctioned...

News comes in that the blog has been officially sanctioned by the good spirit of Britain Yearly Meeting.

The acceptance comes with a couple of provisos, that we do not blog from within a session and that we do not leave mid-session to blog.

Whoever added those caveats clearly does not know the lack of urgency that courses through my veins, when it comes to blogging.

The good news for us is that we now have a computer that we can use in Friends House, plus there is wi-fi access around the building.

As well as backing from Quaker Communications, we've also had offers of support from the Friend magazine, so we appear to be well sorted technologically.

We are still waiting on any offers of free food and drink, though...

Looks like my sandwich skills will be called into action, again.

1 comment:

MartinK said...

Okay, so what if you didn't post to the official blog but to your own blog during sessions, then had the official blog pull it in.... Oh the mind reels with ways around the restrictions! There has been "live blogging" from yearly meeting sessions though not to "official" blogs.

Let me know if there's any kind of techie support I can give from across the pond. I don't think I can email food, alas. My prayers will be with you all too, may it be a blessed event and may you all be open to learning what God has to teach.