Tuesday, 8 May 2007

welcome Friend

welcome Friend
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Hello and welcome to our Britain Yearly Meeting blog!

The blogging team is in part or in total available to blog your own Yearly Meeting, outside of Britain. If you would like us to come to worship and uphold you and help you reach a wider audience, leave a comment.

Help us evaluate:

We are also open to hear from Friends what difficulties they have had with accessing and using our site.

Additionally, we would like people to tell us what is good about the site.

So, please email or post a message here.


kathz said...

I've been enjoying the site though I haven't tried watching the videos. Perhaps I should have been at BYM (my son was among the 14-19 year-olds) but I was in need of a holiday and went to Paris instead and have been blogging about that! http://uk.blog.360.yahoo.com/kathleenzbell

I suspect people will be referring to the blog for some while to come.

I'm not sure how blogging works in outreach but I think that blogging is a pretty Quakerly activity - the internet isn't exactly equal but there are ways in which the exchanges between people are more equal than in most other areas, for all the occasional nastiness.

Well done, BYM bloggers - it's good to feel in touch with Yearly Meeting

Chris from Minehead said...

Thanks for the effort involved in running the YM site. I've enjoyed seeing and hearing the comments from YFs (including my grandaughter)and discovering how YM looks to those who haven't been going to it for 30+ years. I didn't get to much of this year's one so have looked at the site more than I would otherwise. I did get to the Swarthmore Lecture - the blog summary/review is excellent (like the lecture).
Best wishes for future YMs.