Friday, 4 May 2007

Responding to that of blog within me

I'm not an experienced blogger by any stretch of the imagination. I had hoped the four blogging maestros I recruited might let me stay behind the scenes.

Apparently, now I've been photographed with the bloggers, I have to join in. I'll offer what I can.

I'm hoping that despite all the busyness that can happen during Yearly Meeting (particularly for staff members), I'll be able to find times of stillness. I hope I'll be able to sense God working amongst us.

(I'm the one of the few BYMbloggers without a beard).


lauraxpeace said...

Lol you got that title for your post before I nabbed it.

Peckham Mum said...

I'm really pleased you're all doing a blog on BYM. I'm sitting at home wondering when to come in and to which session, and it has given me a real sense of the community I'll be joining at some stage this weekend.