Saturday, 5 May 2007

the sausage factory takes over the blog! (part 1)

Here we are at the Sausage Factory in the Drayton room, 14-18 years olds at Britain Yearly Meeting. They're from all over the UK. We talked to them about Quaker stuff, the blog and the differences between programmed and unprogrammed Quakers. All mistakes are my own (Jez), I may have misheard some stuff.

Wess: who is furthest from home?

Chris: I'm about 200 miles from home. I ride my bike most places but i got the train here.

Wess: Where else?

Others: Sutton, London, Isleworth, Cheltenham.

Mike: where are you from? Wess: LA.

Jez: How is BYM? What is the best thing?

All: Such a cheesy question etc.

Simon: What’s the worst thing?

Mike: Early mornings. We got up at 730

Chris: I got up at 5 to 7.

Jez: did you have epilogue last night?

Katy: We did stuff on the floor. Postcards and candles. You could look at them if you felt drawn or moved to look at them.

Wess: Anyone from Birmingham?

All: No.

Wess: Facebook or myspace?All: Facebook.

Katy: Myspace is so lame. Wess: The best stuff is on Facebook.

Katy: You should stop producing Young Quaker. No one reads it. You should close it down, use the money for something more worthwhile.

Wess: How do we make the blog more interesting?

Sally: With music.

Emily: Use bright colours.

Stefan: Photos.

Emily: Animations.

Wess: GIFFs. Would you watch videos?

All: Yes.

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