Wednesday, 21 March 2007

how the bloggers came together

In response to another post, a fellow blogger points out that it is quite odd for the bloggers to be all-male.

So, here is a little explanation as to how the blogging team came about.

John asked me if I was interested in blogging for BYM. I said yes, but suggested some more people, to get a wider perspective. He said okay, but suggested that I find them.

The first person I asked to join me on this jolly was Laura but she couldn't come. Alice seems to have disappeared from the blogosphere, so I didn't ask her.

I'm an official member and Si is an official attender, so I thought that we could counter-balance each other, then he suggested Wess, as an official outsider :o)

It just happens that we are an all white, male, bearded, similarly aged crew.

We could have spent longer looking, but I didn't know anyone else who was coming to BYM who blogs regularly and we had deadlines to meet (Quaker bureaucracy to deal with).

We are by no means the definitive bloggers of blogosphere, nor are we claiming to be the best representatives, however, we will give it a pretty good innings if we can (that's a cricket reference, to go with the morris-dancing, for all those wishing to learn about peculiar British customs and sports).

This is also a see how it goes attitude to this blog. We have no budget, were assembled late and have not even sorted out where we're going to blog from yet! The hope (so) is that we can do something and can do something a bit more planned next year.

If you want to join us, leave a comment and I'll get in touch.




hflf said...

Hello, personnaly I am looking forward to your posts, I am sure you can make them from the bookshop as they normally tend to have Internet over the BYM period, although I did hear a small rummor of there being a dedicated computer zone, again this could just be fiction, but it has been known to happen.

Anonymous said...

Where do I find the videos of the Light Fantastics? Two children now desparate to see themselves on the internet!