Thursday, 22 March 2007

blog developments

Okay, we may be able to reveal a fourth blogger shortly, hopefully breaking the all-male mould.

We're also looking at different information feeds, listings and ways of channeling our posts through our own blogs.

Do leave your suggestions here...

Watch this space...



MartinK said...

Hi Jez,
As you might have seen, I've set up a page on the Britain YM sessions up over on QuakerQuaker. I'm putting together sections for any Quaker event that I think will generate significant blogger interest.

I think the official BrYM blog is cool and want to support it any way I can. Whenever I have a free half-hour I'm going to add a little javascript-powered cut-and-paste for each event that people can put up on their blog sidebars.

Would this be useful to you all? It would have a headline (e.g., "Britain Yearly Meeting coverage via QuakerQuaker"), then the latest five-or-so posts (direct to their blogs), then a little description of how to tag posts for inclusion.

Even if something like that doesn't work, feel free to email me your wishlist and I'll see if I can give you some ideas about how to set up some sort of aggregated feed.

I'm interesting in exploring how we might relate the "independent" blogosphere with "institutional" websites, knowing that we all cross and blur the lines in one way or another (me as an ex 8-year webmaster for a branch of American Friends).

BTW, I liked visiting BrYM sessions four(?) years ago and wish I could see your experiment firsthand! Not this time, alas!
In Friendship,
Martin the Quaker Ranter,

kathz said...

Sad story on Craig Murray's blog about missing a Quaker event by getting a train ticket to the wrong place.

I heard him speak at a different event a few weeks ago and think Quakers should, if possible, hear what he has to say. So I'm using this blog to recommend that, despite the problems at Swanwick, Friends do ask him to speak, perhaps helping him organise transport etc. Do you think you could pass this on? thanks