Tuesday, 8 May 2007

looking back

Wess, George and Simon
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It's the morning after the BYM before and I'm wide awake and have been tidying up after last night's BYM survivors party.

I have thoroughly enjoyed BYM and have particularly appreciated the sense of purpose that comes with the blog.

The blog 'hat' has pervaded my entire experience and meant that I could wear it with whichever other hat I was wearing at the time (the Friend, Young Quaker, Young Friends General Meeting, Colchester & Coggeshall Monthly Meeting, QCEA conference goer, Young Friends appeal for Rewrite, former QPSW peaceworker etc).

I spent a lot of time striking up conversation with people I didn't know and other times scrabbling around inside my brain trying to recognise people who I have met before when their name escapes me. This time around, it was mostly people who went to the Quaker Council for European Affairs conference in Brussels last year.

In the last few years, I have had no trouble going up and talking with people that I don't know and during the weekend I met some wonderful people who are new to me.

I was pleased to finally make it to a main session and writing up the Salter lecture for the Friend was in the back of my mind for a long long time until I worked out what needed to be written.

Working (very briefly) with the 7-11 year olds was fantastic and I have total respect for the adults who gave up their weekend to work with them, as well as Simon Best, the coordinator and all his staff and helpers.

Making the George Fox videos was really great too. I valued Wess's get-on-and-do-it attitude when it came to putting my idea into reality and Simon's willingness to speak on camera from the heart about us Quakers.

We were looking for George Fox
Led by the light

I also really enjoyed time that I spent with Lizz Roe, who was working the Woodbrooke stand. She introduced me to those of her Woodbrooke colleagues that I didn't already know and she was the eptiome of patience as she explained things and helped people who stopped by.

My biggest regret: I didn't spend any time in the Friends House library. The staff there are always really helpful and friendly and as with people, I love finding new books (or old ones that are new to me!)

My second biggest regret: Only taking a handful of photos with my lomo camera.

On Friendlink, there is a great love/hate thread, so in honour of all the great people there. Today, i hate that BYM is over and my tiredness. I love my happiness, the shining sun, continued fellowship with Simon and Wess and I love that BYM is over at last!

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Scots Ali said...

Wess, Simon, Laura, Jez - thanks a lot for all your work, keeping many of us who couldn't be there informed of a surprising amount of interesting aspects of BYM 2007 - by the way I,m Ali from Edinburgh but I live in Congenies, France ( not to be confused with my Ffriend Alastair Reid who does live in Edinburgh!) Come and look us up sometime - preferably soon.