Monday, 7 May 2007


Nice things this weekend:
* Yummy and ethical food easily available at all times at Friends House
* Some good silences in the Large Meeting House, eg. after the Swarthmore Lecture and after Elsa Dicks spoke
* Having lots of interesting people around to speak with and having the time over the four days to meet with them
* The Bookshop Cafe as a place to hang out
* The Quaker Life office as an escape and workspace

Not so nice things:
> Things said in session that seemed pedantic
> Meetings in which not much of a sense seemed to arise
> Getting my documents for the sessions muddled up
> Feeling tired on Monday afternoon
> The sound being quiet on some of the videos

Things I wished I'd had time/energy to do:
< Interview Martin Ward (Clerk) for the blog
< Gotten a few more Advices & Queries videod
< Hang out with the under-19 groups

Will I go to BYM again?
- Yes, but probably for the moment only because I'm on Sufferings and it helps me to keep track of what's going on.


Paul J said...

Friend you speak my mind!

This is my second Yearly Meeting and I think it has become addictive. I wish you could have interviewed Martin Ward, any chance you can catch up with him at a later date?

lauraxpeace said...

Maybe I could bring my laptop to Sufferings in case he stops by again. I could do an email interview of course, but that's much less fun ;)