Sunday, 6 May 2007

the sausage factory takes over the blog! (again)

Hello, I am Mat Penaluna from the sausage factory in the Under 19's program. Today, some of us went to the morning lecture, which unfortunately, you had to get up pretty early to go to. The AM session was about the minutes and if people found that the minute was acceptable or not. The session went on for 2 hours and 30 minutes!!! It was OK, but, we didn't have a "shuffle break", we just had a silent stretch. After the session we went to the Drayton Room and had lunch. In the PM session we only stayed for half of it. This was good because we went to Camden Town. Camden is a market place. Unfortunately I don't really like Market stalls. The lecture was about Civil Liberties, and two people from our group read the minute that we made on our Civil Liberties experience. And that is basically it. So that is what the Sausage Factory did today.

A late-breaking update from Mat at 23.55
After the groups had gone, we got told a story by Simon. He told us about This boy called Jack and he got this purse off this random man. This random man told him to look after this purse and if he didn't there would be some severe consequences. He then destroyed the purse after going up to his Aunties and drinking lots of Whisky. He then got sent up to hell and these imp things got told a story and it was from the BIBLE!!! They stared at him and he read it like 1000 + or - a few. The imps got sent back to Earth with him and he threw the book and they all charged after it. In the process of this, they ripped it to shreds. And that was basically the story apart from that it was much longer.
*ENDS* (for the moment :-)

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