Friday, 4 May 2007

The video I posted last night is getting attention in the upper echelons of Friends House, which is making me somewhat self-conscious. More videos to come, I'm sure. Wess has taken lots of nice photos already and my fave is the tags.

Lots and lots of folks that I knew at BYM this evening and hopefully I'll get to catch up with a few. I went to most of the evening session, but have only some superficial observations:

* The folks at the Clerk's table are colour-coded. The Clerk and Recording Clerk were in classic Quaker grey jackets, and the Assistant Clerks wore lovely grass green shirts.

* Not many folks were present this evening - the ground floor wasn't full & the gallery nearly empty. It put me in mind of the London Yearly Meetings of the 17th Century I read about in the red book with standing room only and they went on for 10 days.

* As at Meeting for Sufferings, the Clerk asks if a minute is acceptable straightaway, although there was one point when he put it before the Meeting first.

* The Friends present were a much broader age-spread than Meeting for Sufferings.

* We had the first contender for what Young Friend Andrew called 'The most pedantric ministry at YM' - a mini-saga about the numbering of a section of the draft Church Government document.

* Friends House has it's own Narnia - the 'North Corridor' which tonight was not only open and lined with info stalls, but also open onto the Euston Road.

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