Friday, 27 April 2007

bym on the brain

daybreak, zanzibar
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In a dream that I had last night, I was in BYM and an elder eldered me for talking in session.

I tried to protest and so she asked me if I had listened to what she had said.

Then she asked me what she had just said, but I couldn't remember.

What does it all mean?

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A tenative Quaker said...

Response 1

Its a image of how we respond to God, hear without listening and act without thought

Response 2

Its a warning to get a life and worry less

Response 3

It reflects a struggle between your logical and creative sides and suggests you are struggling to conform.

Response 4

It suggests that in turning away from the wise woman that you are refusing a call to adventure

Response 5

It has no meaning other then a physical side affect of processing the day's sensory data.

Response 6

You need to listen more.

Response 7

Its not what it means to you the writer but what it means to me the reader but then I become the writer so what does it mean to you.

Response 8

Its a oracle of your future

Response 9

Its you getting in touch with a past life and the disciplines of 18th Century Friends.

Response 10

It reveals tensions too intimate to discuss or acknowledge other then in a dream.